The Best Sex Ed Videos Online

Over the past five weeks I have had the pleasure of participating in courses, teaching opportunities and clinics run by Sexual and Reproductive Health WA. As someone with a passion for quality sex education, as well a soft spot for a good educational video, here is a list of the best online sex ed videos I saw during this period.

sex education in metal type


Intrauterine Devices

This excellent video from NHS Lothian details the difference between the two IUD options as well as outlining how they work and their pros and cons. A must watch for anyone considering an IUD, or anyone interested in learning more about this contraceptive option.



Tea Consent

The Thames Valley Police decided to tackle the issue of sexual consent by comparing it to making cups of tea- brilliant! The video below is an American version of it (which the only version I can now find on YouTube).

NOTE: If you prefer the original British version, it looks like it can still be found on this page:


Porn Sex vs. Real Sex

Given that some Australian research suggests that 93% of males and 62% of females aged 13-16 years had seen porn online, it’s important that young people learn to appreciate the difference between porn sex and real sex. This video explains the basic differences via the medium of food. Enjoy their creative use of Nutella!


The ‘Porn vs. Reality’ video on the Tune In Not Out website also does a reasonable job at explaining the differences, but I still prefer the food version.


 A Booking with a Sex Worker

During my time at Sexual and Reproductive Health WA, I spent a week working with the lovely ladies at Magenta, the sex worker support service. This is a video they use in their presentations to explain what a booking with a sex working is actually like.


I like this video too: sex workers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, races and genders!



This is a site from the UK with loads of excellent sex ed videos. I’ve listed a few of my favourites below, and all of these address the diversity of normal bodies.

Vulva Assembly

 Male Genitals Assembly

 Natural Breasts Gallery


Embarrassing Bodies

I didn’t watch any Embarrassing Bodies during my time at Sexual and Reproductive Health WA, but the Sexperience videos above got me thinking about the excellent work this show does. Not only do they have many great segments on ‘embarrassing’ sexual and reproductive problems, but they have also produced a series on puberty and sex entitled ‘Am I Normal?’ These videos feature my fave Dr. Dawn Harper, as well as the cast of Hollyoakes (which, if you haven’t spent any time in the UK, is some seriously good trash).



Sex Ed for Adults

TED talks are wonderful. TED talks about sex are even better. This compilation of seven TED talks covers everything from penis anatomy and abortion to insect sex and HIV.


This TEDx talk by Starlady that I saw during my five-week stint is an interesting take on gender diversity.


Voices of Sexuality Education

The Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health website is a great resource for sex ed teachers. I particularly like their ‘Voices of Sexuality Education’ videos, which address a wide range of issues including ethical sex, social media, people with disabilities and gender diversity. They also have a set of videos called ‘Smart and Deadly’ aimed at people involved in Aboriginal sexual health promotion.


Ask Grandad

Even though they aren’t easily found online, I felt I had to include Ansell’s ‘Ask Grandad’ videos. Watching Harold from Neighbours chat about how to put a condom on is priceless.

The videos can be found on the Ansell website by registering at the following site:

And here’s a article about the videos:

If you have seen any excellent sex ed videos yourself, please let me know. I’m always on the hunt for more good ones!

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